Our Programs



Be Healed is an power packed program hosted by Rev. Samson Dinesh – the Founder and Managing Director of Kirubai TV. This is a dedicated time of prayer where people gets healed from their sickness. This program will bring in the knowledge of God, where people will know that Jesus already bore our sickness and we are healed. Our God is all powered to break the bondage and set you free from all addictions. He will heal all the wounds and scars of your heart. Jesus desires to heal you through this program. All the problems which were burdening you will be changed. Come and experience his divine love.

O Women is a program exclusively meant to raise Women of Faith. Several women preachers join the show to deliver Bible study and engage fellow sisters in Christ for a time of devotion and prayer. Everyone is assured to be blessed and be a virtuous women for the glory of God. As women remain the pillar of the home, this program is entitled to be a blessing for the entire family




உங்கள் சாய்ஸ்

Your Choice is a live Christian musical program featuring from the old golden hits to the recent trending songs. You can call in the live numbers to participate in the show. You can also dedicate the song to your friends and family or someone special on their birthday and wedding anniversary. Listening to

Joy Time is an exclusive program for kids. It enables them to actively participate through stories, activities, games and songs. Through puppet show, we teach them life examples from the Heroes of the Bible. If you want your children to know about the Lord and be strongly rooted in Him, then don’t forget to tune in to the Joy Time. We empower kids to be little stewards for the Lord. We also provide platforms for utilizing their talents through various events like singing, drawing, dancing, memory verse and many more fun filled activities. Let God’s name be glorified, as we raise an army of brave little soldiers for Christ.


மகிழ்ச்சி நேரம்


வேதாகம வினாடி வினா

Bible Quiz is an interactive show to learn and test your Bible knowledge. This show is designed to be a fun-filled learning tool for all viewers. This program will help you develop an intimate personal relationship with the Lord. It will broaden your spiritual knowledge and help you stay firm in the Lord. Our quizzes comes with quality and entertainment which will make you happy. By providing the correct answers and explanations during the show time, we acquaint you with God’s Manna. Don’t miss to grab the opportunity to participate in our live program and hit jackpots. Come and experience God’s truth revealed right in front of your eyes.

One Hour with Jesus is a program of blessing to viewers, wherein the Kirubai TV prayer executives offer fervent prayers for the needs of every viewers. You can participate in the show and share prayer points of anybody who is in need. This program is assured to offer hope to broken, healing to the sickened and deliverance to the captives.


இயேசுவோடு ஒரு மணி நேரம்


மேய்பரின் சத்தம்

Voice of the Shepherd program broadcasts Christian messages of different Pastors, Evangelists and Apostles. This program will bring in-depth analysis of Word of God through God’s servants across the region. Biblical understanding is the foundation of relationship with Christ. This program will make disciples of Christ who will hearken the voice of God regularly.

Kirubaiyin Isvariyam is a special program hosted by the Founder and Managing Director of Kirubai TV – Rev. Samson Dinesh. Powerful Christian sermons offered in this program will develop a strong relationship with the Lord. As he puts his heart and soul into this program, viewers are blessed with spiritual transformation from glory to glory by the Spirit of the Lord.


கிருபையின் ஐசுவரியம்


Selfie to God is an entertainment program to encourage viewers to glorify God through all walks of life. There is no age restriction to participate in this show. All you have to do is take of selfie of yourself either singing Christian songs or telling Bible verses and share it with us. Let’s spread the fire of God’s love and Salvation to the world.